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Let us help you find your new family member!

Certified Breeder of Petite, Mini, Medium, and Small Standard Goldendoodles


We are a certified breeder with a family centered approach

 Located in West Tennessee

Our breeding program combines the best breeding practices and

expertise of a premier breeder, with the family centered approach and warm family environment that every puppy deserves.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Breeders:

 -   We Genetic Test the parents of our litters 


 -   We provide Early Socialization to all of our puppies at our home in a family environment


-    We start Early Potty Training with all of our litters when they are 4 weeks old

-    We provide a written 2 year health guarantee with all of our puppies

-    We offer trained "Turn key" Puppies as an option with any of our Litters for an additional Fee

-    We have our own training program that offers a puppy academy, as well as ongoing training

-    We implement Early Neurologic Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction 

-    Puppy selection is done via Facetime with our families

-    Puppy selection takes place when puppies are old enough for temperament assessment


-    Transportation for out of state puppy placements is arranged and scheduled by our team


We would love the opportunity to talk with you about our puppies, and how we can help you find the perfect fit for your family!

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