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Trained Puppies

We have become known for our "Turn Key" Puppies here at Doodlebug Farms.  

We are passionate about training, and began offering this as a service to our families in order to make the transition home that much easier for both our puppies and our clients.  It's just one more way that Doodlebug Farms is different than other breeders.

So what is included?

Our Trained Puppies come home:


Potty Trained

Crate Trained

Sitting for a treat

Coming when called

Leash trained

Basic manners started

In order to ensure that our families are prepared to continue with all of the training that we have done during their puppy's time with us, we provide a "Go Home" Training session for each family, as well as information about all of the training methods we use. 


Potty Training
We build on the start that we have given all of our puppies by starting potty training at 4 weeks old, and send home puppies that are potty trained and ready to assimilate right into your home.

Crate Training
Our trained puppies come home sleeping through the night in a crate with no accidents, and are also trained to stay in the crate during the day while their families are away from home.  They walk in and out of the crate freely, without anxiety.

Sitting for a Treat
We spend a lot of time working with our trained babies, and we need them to look to us for the next cue.  One of the first things we teach them is to sit for a treat, which also results in them making eye contact with us and waiting for us to tell them what we are doing next.  We do not ever offer a treat for anything without them sitting first.  It's one of the building blocks we use to establish connection, respect, and good manners.


Comes When Called
We start working on recall at a very young age, and continue to polish this as we get further into training.  We start inside in a small confined space, and our babies graduate to recall outside on our farm.  
We think it's extremely important for our babies to learn to come when called for safety reasons, and we lay a solid foundation for this starting very early.

Leash Trained
Puppies who are exposed to leash training early on do much better with this skill later in life.  We introduce them to a collar when they are only a couple of weeks old, and then gradually transition to a slip collar and leash.  We make it fun for the puppy, and build confidence in them while they are learning to follow us on a leash.  

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