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The Proper Pup

Our Training Company, The Proper Pup, works exclusively with our clients as well of those of our sister company, The Elite Doodle.  

The Proper Pup's mission is to equip pet owners with how to be their dog's primary trainer.

All puppies from Doodlebug Farms are eligible for enrollment in The Proper Pup's Puppy Academy.  This course is designed to set our clients and puppies up for a lifetime of success in training. 

The Elite Doodle

The Elite Doodle is the sister company to Doodlebug Farms.  They are unlike any breeder that you have ever met. The Elite Doodle offers exclusively trained puppies, with a concierge experience from start to finish.  If you are looking for a next level experience in bringing home a puppy that is trained and ready to go, with ongoing training support, and concierge care and delivery of your puppy, contact The Elite Doodle for information about getting on the waiting list for their next litter!


PROVISION, our dog food partner, was born out of the vision of the owner and founder or Doodlebug Farms.  One of the primary concerns of each client was their puppy's new diet, and she knew that she wanted better for her puppies, not only in those early days, but throughout their lives.  Her answer was to find the right ingredients without all of the fillers, and offer a premium organic food that delivers optimal nutrition, while not compromising taste for the canine consumers.  

Doodlebug Farms is proud to exclusively feed PROVISION to our dogs and puppies, and to offer this quality product to all of our clients.




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