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Why a Goldendoodle?

We can't say enough positive things about our Goldendoodles. 

We absolutely believe they are the ideal family pet, due to their loyal

and loving nature,

their incredible intelligence, and the fact that they are low to

non-shedding and allergy friendly!


Doodlebug Difference

Not only do we focus heavily on responsible breeding practices, solid genetic testing practices, early neurological development, and early socialization, we go the next step.

We provide TRAINED puppies to any of our families who would like to skip the process of potty training and early puppy training.  We have become known for our "Turn Key" puppies, and would love to talk with you further about this option.


7-15 pounds



12-25 pounds



30-40 pounds



45-60 pounds



We specialize in Petite and Mini Goldendoodles, and have these sizes year round.  We do also have periodic litters of medium and standard babies as well.  

Looking for our Available Puppies?  

Click below to be redirected to our Good Dog Site, which gives info about each of our current available puppies.  

If you don't see the right puppy for you, or have questions about upcoming litters, please contact us for specific information, or if you have questions about which litter may be the best fit for you.


Ready to Move Forward with
Reserving Your Puppy?

Please Complete the Application in the "Available Puppies" Link above

OR feel free to just give us a call or send us a text at


The Deposit to reserve your puppy is $500, and will be applied to your total balance.  We currently accept:



Credit Card Payment**

Buyer-protected payments through Good Dog

*All Checks must be received and processed at least 1 week before scheduled pickup date in order to have time to clear

**All Credit card payments will be assessed a 2.9% processing fee in addition to the cost of the transaction

Please Click Below to Review our Contract

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