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Bringing Your Puppy Home

The day you’ve been waiting for is just around the corner!  We are so excited for you to meet your new baby in person, and want to make sure you feel prepared for the big day!  Here are a couple reminders and helpful tips for bringing your puppy home.

Puppy Pack

Your puppy will come home with a Doodlebug Farms puppy pack full of goodies!

  • Sample of food – our puppies are on IAMS puppy formula.

  • Vaccination records from our vet – we recommend you take this with you to your first puppy appointment.  They are due for their next round of shots at 10 weeks old.

  • A soft bone – we love having these close by as puppies love to chew.  We make sure to offer this as an alternative to chewing on fingers, blankets, etc.

  • Training Treats – we often split these into even smaller pieces so that we can give often without messing up our puppies’ tummies.

  • Pine wood pellets – please refer to the potty training page for more information.  These are not edible, and should be placed in 1 spot in your yard for the first few days as your puppy transitions to going to the bathroom in your yard instead of here with us.


Your puppy is now on dry dog food, and eats one time in the morning and one time in the evening.  There is a graph on the back of every dog food bag with recommended feeding amounts.  Your puppy will eat approximately 1/3 cup in the morning and again at night when they go home, and will continue to increase this amount.  We leave water out all day long.  You may want to consider taking water away an hour before you go to bed as long as they have had plenty to eat and drink during the day. 

First Night

If you are going to crate train, your puppy will likely cry the first night in the crate, as they are used to sleeping with their siblings.  You can also put a light blanket (like a receiving blanket) over their crate so that they are not overstimulated by what is going on. 


Remember that good habits at the beginning are so important!  We would like to remind you to check out our partner Baxter and Bella.  We encourage you to go ahead and watch some of their introductory videos before bringing your little love home. 

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